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Runnymede Local Plan

14th Nov saw the third stage hearing of the Runnymede Local Plan. Over the coming weeks the Inspector, Mary Travers, will compile and issue her findings. We expect the findings to be one of the following (but most probably the second one listed):

• Sound, requiring minor modification

• Sound, but requiring major modification

• Unsound

Our team made the following summarised submission for consideration:

1. Whilst traffic growth on the A320 may have been adequately assessed, the mitigation design solutions have not been adequately assessed.

2. There is no evidence that alternative solutions have been assessed. SCC and RBC now appear to be of the opinion that more appropriate solutions warrant serious consideration.

3. The lack of of understanding of the appropriate level of development financial contribution to complete the necessary mitigation measures.

4. There is no feasible highways mitigation possible to accommodate the additional vehicular movements along the already congested and over capacity Brox Road; and

5. The Local Plan is unsound with regard to the provision for sustainable transport.

If you would like to view historical detail about the

Local Plan please follow this link (Details about the third hearing will be published later):

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