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The ‘Ottershaw and West Addlestone Residents Association’ (OWARA), has been formed with the intention to collect the views and opinions of all interested residents in the ward, along with the views of existing resident organisations and local interest groups. Our wishes are to work jointly with everyone for the broad benefit of all.

This is a group of independently minded residents who will seek to identify local issues and as far as possible address them through all elected Councillors. We will also support further Independent representation across Runnymede Borough.

OWARA has the following objectives:

  • To identify the needs and concerns and to seek and secure solutions wherever possible, for residents in the Ottershaw ward (“the Ward”), which comprises of Ottershaw and West Addlestone. 

  • Pursue and improve accountability and transparency within Runnymede Borough Council (“RBC”) and Surrey County Council (“SCC”).

  • To seek to enhance the environment, green spaces, amenity, sustainability and economic viability within the Ward. 

  • Identify and support the election of the Ward and surrey county independent and like-minded councillors whom will act autonomously outside of any registered political party.  

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