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Key Policies


OWARA will work with Independent Councillors to define aspirations and policy.  It is recognised that the successful delivery of some policy items require support from third parties. Policies include:


  • To regularly consult and communicate with Members, Supporters and Ward Residents (including those who do not support Independent Councillors).

  • To seek to secure an independent complaints and scrutiny process within RBC.

  • To support representation of those RBC councillors who share OWARA Objectives.

  • To engage with the Authorities in the Planning of the Neighbourhood and development of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Ward.

  • Engage with other local representative & community organisations and local businesses.

  • Pursue the delivery of a carbon neutral RBC.

  • Investigate and pursue disruptive business models and technology that support OWARA objectives and RBC transformation.

  • Where appropriate, OWARA will assist in the establishment of like-minded Independent organisations across the borough.

  • Where appropriate, OWARA will forge alliances with like-minded Independent organisations across the borough

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