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Your Independent councillors are not financed nor supported by large national political machines. For example, your two independent councillors largely funded their election campaigns from their own pockets.  They literally “put their money where their mouth is!”.

Malcolm Cressey


Born:          Edinburgh, Scotland

Lived:         Surrey for 40 yrs (Ottershaw for 20 of the years) and South Africa for over 20 years.

Worked:     Banking, IT Sales, Private Investigations

Councillor: Since May 2018

                    Audit & Security Committee (Current)

                    Planning Committee (Current)

                    Community Services Committee (2018)

                    Finance & Corporate Policy Working Group (Current)

                    Local Plan Working Group (Current)

                    Constitution Working Group (Current)


John Olorenshaw

Born:           Coventry

Lived:          Ottershaw for 30 years and Warwickshire for 30 years

Worked:      Show Business, Hotel and Retail & Corporate Hospitality (Claridges, Savoy Hotel, Shell, McLaren F1, owner of the Castle for 16 years)

Councillor:  Since May 2019

                     Environment & Sustainability Committee (Current)

                     Community Services (Current)

                     Licensing Committee (Current)

                     External Relations and Infrastructure Working Group (Current)

                     Environment and Community Working Group (Current)


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