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Support the campaign to save democracy in Surrey

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

In July this year Surrey County Council announced its intention to abolish the 11 Borough and District Councils, replacing them with a single council representing Surrey's 1.2 million residents.

They have no mandate to do this. The establishment of a single unitary council will erode democracy in Surrey. In response to this #Residents Against Surrey Single Unitary (#RASSU) has been launched. You can find out more information at

We urgently need your support and you can do this in the following ways:

The creation of a Surrey single unitary authority will result in:

  • Loss of decision making and control of local issues, by local people, for local people

  • Dilution of democracy. Only a handful of councillors will represent the residents of each Borough on a remote council, with issues lost in the vast agenda of a unitary authority representing some 1.2 million people

  • Handing total control to Surrey County Council, which has a well-documented history of consistently failing to provide good services or value for money.

  • Taking £100s of millions of our borough assets

  • Creation of a body three times the size recommended for a unitary authority (which should represent 400,000 people, not 1.2 million people)

  • A hurried and undemocratic decision

This is a once in a lifetime decision! If you care about your community and want to ensure that your interests are represented by local people who understand and are engaged with residents, please take action today.

Kind regards


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Absolutely!!! This is just one example of many where Tories are sweeping bad news under the carpet until after the May elections!!!


Nigel Eastment
Nigel Eastment

Is this still relevant?

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