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An alternative to the SCC proposed Otter Roundabout

The OWAIRA Team has spent 18 months considering alternatives to the proposal put forward by Surrey County Council.

We’ve looked at bypasses, link roads and other solutions.

A big constraint on any alternatives is that the original SCC proposal was the basis for the HIF (Highways Infrastructure Fund) bid. The HIF bid is made to Government for funding the changes required to highways infrastructure to accommodate the Local Plan house building programme (500 houses per annum over the next 15 years). Any alternative proposal has to be of a similar cost. Anything substantially more would leave a funding gap which could be difficult to meet. The OWAIRA alternative proposal tries to take account of the main issues from the recent residents survey - the results of which can be viewed here:

Most residents wish to retain and improve the village car park and enhance the village community “feel”. OWAIRA believes that this proposal is the best option to meet these requirements. What do we want our village to look like in 20 or 30 years time? This option is better suited to considering important local issues, obviously parking and maybe our school, doctor’s surgery and local businesses. These wider issues clearly indicate the need to move forward with a Neighbourhood Plan.

The OWAIRA proposal, whilst not yet adopted by SCC – has been submitted to them and is being viability tested for traffic flow and for affordability.

Your Independent Councillors are doing their best to make any change less damaging to our community. Your comments would be very much appreciated, please follow this link and give us your comments:

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With regard to the proposed roundabout at Ottershaw - you mention in your Councllors Update June 2021 that aternative proposals have been produced by professional Highways Engineers, is it possible to publish these ?

I am surprised an underpass has not been considered !

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