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Dear OWARA supporters,

Re Planning applications RU.22/0454 and RU.22/0479

Brox Road Nurseries (sometimes called Ottershaw East) is due to be formally ‘condemned’ to become a building site for 184 units on Wednesday evening by Runnymede Borough Council.

In Brief:

  • A very high density of housing – beyond anything else in that area.

  • Poor quality design – which fails to comply with RBC’s own policies and guidelines.

  • And fails to provide any greens spaces or trees within the development

As a result, Ottershaw East promotes the unacceptable urbanisation of our village.

Brox Road Action Group (BRAG) has posted on their website (see below) and we join in asking you to help fill the public gallery at Addlestone council offices.

The meeting begins at 6.30pm on Weds 14th December.

Let’s let RBC know what we think of the Christmas present they are planning for us?

Happy Christmas one and all!

Kind regards,

Jim Nichol

Chair, OWARA

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Nigel Eastment
Nigel Eastment
Dec 13, 2022

You are right, but surely it will be useful to give out the message that Ottershaw residents do care and are not completely passive, accepting of whatever RBC cares to put upon them? There will be more local developments - Brockhurst is the most obvious, where SCC are proposing a design that will cause harm to our village - not to mention the results of the next phase of the Local Plan, where RBC are yet again reassessing the Green Belt. They will be looking for more sites for development.

It is obvious that our village is under threat of slow urbanisation. We all need to do what we can to slow that down and ensure that what building does…


“Show the council what you think”. What does this mean? The majority Conservative council are not interested in what residents and voters in Ottershaw think. Our feelings are immaterial- unless there is a legal reason to the contrary this green field, hundreds of years old, will be built on. Other brown sites in the borough will be ignored. No doubt each councillor will eagerly vote for the plan because it is not in their ward.

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