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A320 - SCC's OTTERSHAW ROUNDABOUT SCHEME Many outstanding issues. ONF Public Update - 12 Feb 2023

OWARA fully supports the OTTERSHAW NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM (ONF), who along with other local organisations have been chasing Surrey County Council for months, in an attempt to get information on the final plans for the roundabout

The full text of the ONF's Public Notice is below.

New A320 Ottershaw Roundabout Scheme - Latest update 12 February 2023

A great deal is currently on going in Ottershaw to combat the recent Surrey County Council (SCC) decision to proceed with the new Ottershaw roundabout traffic scheme. Our understanding at present is that it may now require a full re-submission of the SCC planning application.

In brief, the main reasons why:

· Failure to comply with the British standard for our Veteran Trees with hedgerows on Murray Road which is now a requirement of the planning conditions imposed by SCC;

· Significant changes to the solution resultant from the Compulsory Purchase/Side Roads Order for land granted by the Secretary of State which differs to the design granted by the SCC Planning Committee on 27 July 2022;

Your Ottershaw community groups and Neighbourhood Forum are continuing to work together to resolve these important issues with SCC on their design well in advance of any development work starting.

The current design by SCC is seriously deficient in many areas which, if not addressed, will badly impact local residents and our environment particularly as this solution is heavily biased towards vehicle users.

We are trying hard to engage with SCC to achieve the following:

· a significantly improved design in line with your wishes for the new roundabout.

· an agreed plan to ensure the many traffic issues resulting from this development across the wider area are fully addressed.

· to ensure that our village is best protected now and in the foreseeable future.

· to ensure traffic plans for diversions etc during the construction phase are suitable and appropriate.

We are meeting with our SCC councillor, Cllr. Jonathan Hulley very soon and, with support of our local MP, Dr. Ben Spencer, we hope that in light of the clear discrepancies and issues, they can pursue the improvements for our village with Surrey’s A320 HIF Scheme project team. It will, of course, require SCC to engage with us.

We will keep you regularly informed of developments on this topic which we know is so important to you and our environment.

Best Regards

Lead Representatives of:

Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum

Ottershaw Brox Road Action Group

Ottershaw Society

Ottershaw & West Addlestone Residents Association

Murray Road Residents Association

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Nigel Eastment
Nigel Eastment
14. Feb. 2023

David, Good Questions

The works will not solve the fundamental problems of the A320 - the 2 bottlenecks will remain - onto the Otter roundabout from Chertsey/M25 and off the roundabout going towards Woking - but to solve that, who wants a duel carriage way? No one I know!!!

The purpose of various works to numerous junctions on the A320 and St Peters Way/M25 is to store more traffic, like flood attenuation, to spread the water/traffic flow wider. Who thinks that is that worth the £41.5 million government grant?

The bigger Otter roundabout and feeder lanes will allow more and safer queuing of vehicles. That will cost between £6-10 million.

The prime reason for the works to the Otter Roundabout…

Gefällt mir

Is there any new evidence of benefit to traffic flow to justify the amount of time, tax-payers' money and disruption this 'white elephant' project is costing ? Or is it going through on the basis of sheer bloody-mindedness and nothing else?

Gefällt mir
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