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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

OWAIRA welcomes the support of local Conservative politicians to realise our long stated aim to reduce the impact of the A320 Roundabout development on Ottershaw.

Below is a link to an item distributed by our Ben Spencer, MP for Runnymede.

It will come as no surprise that the politicians are out to claim the credit without recognising the ‘truth’ - that Ottershaw resident and OWAIRA Exec member Mike Freshney, along with our local councillor Malcolm Cressey originally approached SCC Highways 3 years ago with detailed proposals for alternatives roundabout options. Despite their repeated requests, followed by meetings and reassurances, SCC did nothing significant to modify the Otter Roundabout in line with Mike’s proposals. As you will have seen the recent flyer from SCC, previously posted on this site.

I am sure Mike and Malcolm properly appreciate and give credit for the political support from Ben and our two local SCC Councillors which was necessary to finally get SCC Highways and their consultants to see sense and take the issues away for assessment. It would be appreciated if they in turn could give proper recognition to Mike Freshney, the Ottershaw resident who presented modified concepts and promoted them and without who’s efforts we would still be in line to be ‘dumped on’ by SCC.

So please read Ben Spencer’s note with that in mind.

OWAIRA are looking forward to long term cross party co-operation to achieve a better outcome for Ottershaw residents, who should all be clear that without Mike and Malcolm this process would never have happened – their actions were absolutely essential in achieving this outcome for our village.

OWAIRA also sincerely appreciates the input from Ben, Jonathan and Scott, which was also essential to help push for what we hope is the right decision.

Please be assured that it is OWAIRA’s intention to be fair and impartial in all our communication.

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