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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This is an amazing way to see the impact of the new roundabout. The new image has been superimposed on the current layout. All credit to Ottershaw resident Jane Tilley of BRAG who has created this .gif image.

It is clear that even the latest 'reduced' proposals are much, MUCH BIGGER, than the current roundabout.

I remember Ottershaw being referred to as a 'rural' village, but I fear that the remaining 'rural feel' will all soon be lost.

The latest plans may be an improvement but we must all do our utmost to pressure SCC into preserving existing trees and hedges, and planting mature trees to provide real screening.

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Nigel Eastment
Nigel Eastment
23 de nov. de 2021

Excellent question!

It fulfils RBS's political objectives.

SCC were required show they have dealt with the increased traffic generated by the additional 3,000 houses in the current Local Plan. Highways England's criteria was that traffic could not be delivered onto the M25 at a faster rate.

The only way to achieve that to 'store' it around the Otter Roundabout and on St Peter's Way.

The A320 plans provide wider lanes to store more traffic - so at best they have planned a slow moving car park - assuming it can keep moving.

Some residents suggest do nothing at the Otter Roundabout as bigger roads just attract more traffic. Leave it as it is and let the traffic find its ow…


What does the change actually achieve?

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